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JOONDALUP 5 /42  Grand Blvd, 9300 2332

0438 838 584

We understand that when you break your denture it is an emergency.

Many of our customers come to us feeling that nothing could be worse than being seen by colleagues, friends and family without their usual smile. We also realise that many people you are close to don’t even know you wear a denture.

That’s why we understand that you need them fixed quickly, while you wait, so that you can go on with your life without anybody being any the wiser.

We offer an emergency, while you wait, denture repair service for cracked, fractured or broken dentures, a tooth replacement repair service for when a tooth has come away from your denture and a tooth addition and/or reline service for when you’ve lost a natural tooth or your dentures just don’t fit the way they did. We can even match the shade of a missing tooth from our wide range of current stock using a simple shade guide.

Get your dentures repaired while you wait by calling our 24/7 emergency hotline.

Don’t be seen without your smile. Call us now on 0438 838 584 and find out how quickly and conveniently we can help.

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